DIY Double-sided Table Napkins – Version 2.0

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Double-Sided Table Napkins, Version 2.0

  • Fabric Used: 1 yard of 100% cotton twill (Doodles Collection at Jo-Ann Fabrics) and 1 yard of quilter’s cotton
  • Product Dimensions: 13″ x 13
  • Quantity: 6 napkins total, 3 from each cut of fabric

My sister requested a set of cloth table napkins for her kids to use, as a way to encourage them to actually wipe their mouths during/after meals. Who knew kids were so filthy? (Filthy cute, that is.) She chose two patterns, a cotton twill from the Doodles Collection at Joann’s, and a quilter’s cotton. They were one-sided, meaning there is an obvious front and back to the fabric. Uh oh, this was venturing into new territory…challenge accepted.

The mitered version I had previously made wasn’t going to work because you’d see the backside of the pattern. I took two square pieces, sewed them right side together leaving an 1.5-2 inch opening, turned it right side out, then topstitched the edges and the opening where I turned it. These were way easier to construct than the mitered version because it requires much less precision pressing. However, it requires twice the amount of fabric. As I did last time, I only purchased one yard of each fabric. I opted to make these napkins slightly smaller, since they were meant for 5-year old hands and laps, with the final dimensions being 13″x13″.

I got the brilliant idea to take pictures of steps, except this stroke of genius happened when I was midway through the process. I’m probably going to make some more of these so I may try to put together a more comprehensive how-to.

If I could go back and change something, I wish I did a better job of turning the corners so they are more pointy, but I didn’t have a good tool at the time. Thanks to Amazon, that problem has been fixed. Amazon Prime is the best.


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