Hello and Welcome!

Let’s be honest here. This isn’t my first attempt to start a blog. I’ve fallen off the figurative horse a number of times but here I am with a fresh, blank page. I hope to use this as a place for sharing, discussing, and musing over the various crafts of my life. I am a serial hobbyist; my favorite hobby is picking up new hobbies. Pinterest has been a decided enabler of my “I can totally do/make that” attitude, however misguided that is. Coupled with new homeownership and a very supportive (read: tolerant) husband, I started knitting, sewing, gardening, and dabbling in all things DIY. Sometimes my projects turn out great, and sometimes they result in regrets of not purchasing it on Etsy from a much more experienced crafter. Regardless, here’s a portal to my adventures in being a 30-some year old accepting the transition from being a carefree young adult to a Mrs. with lower back pain.

Welcome and enjoy!