PinTesting: 2 Ingredient Cabinet Cleaner

Pinterest…the utopia of weddings, food, fashion, and my favorite, crafts. Pressing “Pin It” is akin to saying “I can do it!” or “Yes! I can have that!” which is the sentence you’d find on page one of the “Common Phrases for Crafters.” Other common phrases might include:

  • “But I can make it for cheaper”
  • “Why buy it when you can make it”
  • “Do you think [INSERT NAME] would like this as a gift?”

I digress. I’ve recently come across a lot of pins for “easy and diy” home cleaning solutions. I have no issues with using store-bought cleaners but the ease of these cleaning concoctions looks so simple that I had to try it. Which brings me to what I hope is going to be an ongoing sub-series: PinTesting.

Let’s face it, Pinterest is where amazingly photographed achievements go to live and mediocrity isn’t given the light of day. This is supported by the birth of the meme “Nailed it” where people showcase their hilarious attempts to reproduce other peoples projects. For examples, I suggest this amazing compilation from Buzzfeed. So, to help further inject reality into the seemingly flawless world of Pinterest, I will share my attempts to reproduce Pins I find regardless of the results. Which brings me back to to home cleaning solutions.

I found a recipe for a 2-ingredient cleaning concoction for kitchen cabinets: vegetable oil and baking soda. It is advertised as a “gunk remover”…gunk being the years of layered dirt smudges left by our dirty paws on the most touched portions of cabinet doors.

Here’s what my cabinets look liked before.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

After mixing the solution, I quickly discovered that to clean all my cabinets, I was going to need a hell of a lot more of this stuff. I also discovered cleaning things with a toothbrush, generally sucks. Perhaps I should have mixed in more oil, but I found this rather difficult to work with because it was so chunky and didn’t spread very well unless I used my fingers to smear it on. BUT….here’s what my cabinet looked like after cleaning:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugEnd results – PASS with reservations. It It worked nicely, it left my kitchen free of the chemically-smells you’d get from using store-bought cleaner, and my cabinets did look fresh. However, after an hour of cleaning my cabinets with this, I’m not entirely convinced I wouldn’t opt for a spray on cleaner next time.