DIY Jewelry and Accessory Holder

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Project: DIY Jewelry & Accessory Holder

  • Items Used
    • 3 – 12″ strips of wood
    • Paint or wood stain
    • 1/2″ cup hooks
    • Command picture hanging strips
  • Tools Needed
    • Saw
    • Drill and drill bit (approximately the size of the cup hook)

I’ve never had a good system for keeping my jewelry and accessories organized. Between living in tight spaces and constant moving from place to place, my accessories were often relegated to a re-purposed Teavana box. This box was not treated well, being unceremoniously tossed around, with its contents becoming so intertwined that it was not worth detangling to wear one of the many necklaces, bracelets, or earrings.

But, tangled accessories no more! I found this on Etsy and thought this was an awesome way to organize it all. ….And of course, i had to try to make it myself. I think the best thing about this design is that you can easily customize it to what you need: longer racks, shorter racks, more hooks, less hooks, etc.
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At Home Depot, I was lucky to find the perfect piece of wood in the scrap pile, so it was damn near free (I think it was 25 cents). I cut the wood into 3 foot long pieces, and picking from the many cans of sample paint we had amassed from when we painted our walls, I painted two coats of gray. I originally tried using a wood stain, but didn’t like how it turned out so I painted over it with the standard wall paint.

Then, I drilled small pilot holes at regular intervals into the bottom panel of the wood strips. For the necklace rack, the hols are every half inch, and for the bracelet and earring racks, every 1 inch.

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For the earring rack, I had originally attached one hook at each end of the rack with a wooden dowel suspended through the hooks, so that I could hang earrings from the dowel (Like in the etsy model). However, the dowel I purchased ended up being too big for my earrings to hang smoothly. Also, some of my earrings have a closed loop requiring me to slide it on and off the ends of the dowel, which would have made accessing them a bit awkward.

Into each pilot hole, I screwed a 1/2 inch brass cup hook. The wood was pretty soft, so I had to be careful not to “over screw” so that it didn’t sink too much into the wood.

Finally, I used Command picture hanging strips to attach the racks to the wall in our bedroom. I thought about make it “fancier” and drilling some picture mounting hardware (those little triangle hooks) onto the racks, but the command strips were way easier, and they wouldn’t be as wobbly. I thought my cats might perceive the shiny, dangly objects as a new toy, so I hung them high enough to be mostly out of their reach.

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And, voila! My goods are organized and beautifully displayed on my wall.

Of course, if you don’t want to make it yourself….you can always buy it here. They look really well made, with much nicer wood and hardware.