Sewing 101: Pillowcases


Envelope Pillow Cases

  • Fabric Used: 100% cotton flannel
  • Dimensions: Small pillow-13″x13″, Big pillow-16″x20″
  • Quantity: 2 total, 1 of each size

The newest activity I’ve added to my hobby collection is sewing. To say I have never sewed before is a lie. Years ago, I made a t-shirt blanket in a frenzied two day sprint, using my mom’s sewing machine. Fast forward to today, I’ve been re-inspired to pick up sewing for a few reasons. First, I think sewing is a legit life skill to have. Us shorties know the pain (and cost) of having to get new pants hemmed up every time. Second, I want to  make items I want/need like pillowcases, curtains, pot holders, and other home decor. Third, I’m due for a new hobby. I’m determined to do this right, instead of hoping that I don’t have to do anything more than straight seams. I took a beginner’s sewing class at Joann’s and while it was pretty basic, it provided a good foundation to start building skills.

For my first sewing project, I took the teacher’s advice and decided to do the classic envelope-style pillowcase. Using this super helpful tutorial from Craftaholic’s Anonymous, I was able to produce two rather decent pillowcases to adorn our couch pillows.