Succulents and Tea Cups and Sharpie Art, Oh My!

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Sharpie Art on Tea Cup Planters

  • Items Used: Ceramic tea cups (washed and dried), regular sharpies, stencils or other helfpul drawing apparati depending on what you want on your mugs.
  • Time Spent: Finished in two evenings.

One of the exciting things about owning a house is the ability to nail/drill/tape whatever the hell you want to your walls. So much open wall real estate, so many possibilities! After moving in, we bought some decorative shelves from Target to adorn our stairways. Putting up shelves is easy. Figuring out what to put on them was decidedly more difficult. Transitioning from a college/young adult existence to something slightly older yields hesitations about displaying your college shot glass collection or the random bandana you got that one time you and your buddies went to that one event.

I came up with the idea of putting in some succulents. Being new to plants at the time, I was drawn to the proclaimed hardiness of succulents. Unfortunately,I had a hard time finding the right vessel to plant them in. It needed to be rather shallow to fit comfortably on the shelving, which unfortunately eliminates most standard vases and plant pots. In a stroke of good luck, I came across two separate ideas that to produce a my genius love child of an idea: First, I saw pins for repurposed tea cups and mugs being used as planters, and second, people who decorated their own ceramic mugs with sharpies. BOOM. A Sharpie Art Tea Cup Planter.

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I picked up some plain white tea cups at my local Goodwill for a mere $1.99 a piece and got to work. A thorough lit review of sharpie art on the internet revealed that regular sharpies would easily write on ceramic, however, it would likely be washed off in the dishwasher. As I didn’t plan to wash my plants anytime soon, I was in good shape.

I used regular sharpies (Use oil-based sharpies if you want them to be washable) and a collection of stencils I already owned. It was painstaking work. It was easy to draw on the mug but to do it cleanly, was very challenging. I ended up using a wooden skewer dipped in rubbing alcohol to go back and clean up the sharpie lines so they would be super crisp.

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For the Double Happiness Mug, I had purchased a double happiness paper punch to use during the wedding. I punched it through a white sticker sheet and carefully applied the sticker to the mug. Then I dotted the outline of the sticker with various colored sharpies, and removed the sticker.

Here’s a view of the finished product in it’s new home. I managed to get a “two” theme going on with the two baseballs, the wooden bird cake topper from our wedding, and the “double” happiness mug.
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